Safe Abortion Action Fund Research

WAG in partnership with Safe Abortion Action Fund conducted a research on abortion knowledge and attitudes among key populations in Zimbabwe. Abortion in Zimbabwe is a taboo subject due to the social stigma and legal aspects surrounding it. The law that is currently in effect is the Termination of pregnancy Act of 1977 (ToP). This law permits termination of pregnancy only on three circumstances, 1. When the continuation of the pregnancy endangers the life of the women 2. When it poses a serious threat of permanent impairment to the physical harm of a women. 3. Cases where the foetus was conceived as a result of unlawful intercourse, including rape and incest.

Obtaining a legal abortion is a long and fraught process in Zimbabwe. The restrictive law and stigma lead to induced abortions occurring in Zimbabwe. The results from the study show that there are low levels of knowledge on the ToP and high level of negative attitudes among the community and service providers. After the study WAG recommends:

  • The need to strengthen post abortion services by the Ministry of Health and Child care
  • More efforts needed in regards to spreading information abort the ToP
  • Training of service providers on abortion and post abortion service delivery