Population Reference Bureau

The Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC), together with Women’s Action Group (WAG) and Population Reference Bureau (PRB) are implementing the Strengthening Evidence-Based Policy to Expand Access to Safe Abortion (SAFE ENGAGE) project to create an enabling policy environment to expand access to safe abortion in Zimbabwe. SAFE ENGAGE involves the development of a multimedia presentation that will help showcase the latest evidence, frame the dialogue, influence resource investments, and guide policy action. An esteemed task force of 18 members has been set up. The task force members have expertise in advocacy, medical legal, research and abortion issues and provide strategic direction, and technical and creative input on the development of the SAFE ENGAGE multimedia presentation.


The expected outcomes of the SAFE ENGAGE Multimedia Presentation are to improve knowledge among target audiences on the most up-to-date evidence and legal, policy, health, and social dimensions of unsafe abortion in Zimbabwe. The presentation is also meant to enhance policy dialogue and enabling environment for expanding access to safe abortion in Zimbabwe.