Amplify Change

 Elimination of Barriers Against Women and Girls with Disabilities: Towards Access to GBV and SRHR services in Zimbabwe.

Amplify Change-WAG is implementing the Amplify Change programme aimed at creating an enabling environment for women and girls with disabilities to access gender based violence and Sexual and Reproductive Health services. Informed by the UNFPA supported Integrated Support Programme (ISP), and through other partnerships, WAG gathered evidence on challenges faced by women and girls with disabilities. Challenges that have been identified relate to lack of knowledge about rights of people with disabilities, attitudes of services providers and inadequate infrastructure which is friendly to people with disabilities. Engagement with policy makers, relevant stakeholders will be done through dialogues. Capacity building of organisations and selected representatives of women and girls with disabilities will be done to build a strong advocacy movement.

Let’s join hands and make Zimbabwe safe for people with Disabilities!

Results of the Intervention

a. Persons with Disability are now engaging in Income Generating Projects. In Guruve district the Community Based Advocates who were trained by WAG have initiated isles “mikando” projects with other persons living with disabilities. So far 7 groups of 5 people who are involved in the mikando projects and they contribute $1 per week. They have decided that they will use the money to buy some groceries

b. Through the advocacy that has been done by WAG with the support from Amplify Change, the service providers are now initiating for the construction of rumps at the health centres for example in Mbire, at Chirunya Clinic, the waiting mothers shelter that was being constructed has rumps. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education have committed to construct some ramps in schools in 2017

c. The trained CBAs are now conducting dialogues on their own with Persons with Disabilities, disseminating information on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Gender Based Violence. They are also conducting home visits, demonstrating good care-giving to the caregivers of persons with disabilities

d. Creation of partnerships is also another achievement of the Amplify Change programme. WAG has partnered with other organisations working with Persons with disabilities including Disability HIV and AIDS Trust. WAG has also worked with the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Victim Friendly Police and the Department of Social Services. ZWLA is another organisation that WAG has worked with. WAG are referring GBV services  to ZWLA for legal advise. WAG also worked with Jairos Jiri Association, who assisted in the assessment and procurement of wheelchairs.

beneficiary of wheelchairs sourced by WAG from Jairos Jiri-the Jairos jiri officer demonstrating hoe to use the wheelchair to the beneficiBeneficiary of wheel chairs sourced by WAG from Jairos Jiri

e. Bringing issues of Persons with Disabilities to the policy makers

Over 1000 people gathered at the Roman Catholic Church Hall in Guruve district for the early commemoration of the International Day for Persons with Disabilities under the theme, “Achieving 17 goals for the future we want”. Persons with disabilities had the opportunity to bring out their issues to the policy makers including Senator Annah Shiri and Honourable Chibhagu who graced this occasion.  The commemorations empowered the community with knowledge on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and Gender Based Violence (GBV). Persons with Disabilities had the opportunity to freely access SRH services including family planning and HIV testing services. A quiz session was done and some participants walked away with prizes including food hampers, maize seeds, clothes and wheel chairs.Senator-shiriSenator Annah Shiri handing over food stuffs  at the commemorations