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Women's Action Group is a non-governmental organisation whose work centres on empowering women and girls to enjoy their rights in violence free and rights conscious communities. WAG believes that violence against women and girls is a predicament to the enjoyment of women's economic and social rights. WAG programmes focus on prevention of violence against women. Violence against women has over the years been manifesting itself in various forms in both public and domestic spaces. Violence is directly linked to gender roles and expectations.

Many women are not prepared to take up the challenge in terms of meaningful contributions in decision-making processes because they fear that they may suffer different forms of gender based violence. WAG calls on all actors against violence to join hands together and fight this social ill. All efforts have been re-dedicated to the emancipation of women and as an organisation we will continue to develop tools and products for unlocking the women's power to claim and enjoy their rights in a violence free and rights conscious communities.


To develop products and tools for unlocking women’s power to claim and enjoy their rights in violence free and rights conscious communities.


To have a Zimbabwe with empowered women claiming and enjoying their rights in a situation of transformed power relations between women and men.

  • Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR)
  • Prevention of Gender Based Violence
  • Prevention of HIV & AIDS
October 2013 Cancer
awareness Month

15 October 2013
International Rural
Women’s Day

30 October 2013
Establishment of WAG

25 November 2013
International Day for the
Elimination of Violence
Against Women

29 November 2013
International Women
Human Rights Defenders

1 December 2013
International World AIDS

6 December 2013
Commemoration of
Montreal Massacre

1-11 December 2013
International Conference
on AIDS and STIs in
Africa-South Africa

10 December 2013
International Human
Rights Day
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